Principal Texts

  1. Śāradā Tilakaṁ [Course Text Book]
  2. Mantra Mahodadhiḥ

शारदा तिलकं Śāradā Tilakaṁ

A collection of mantras, mantra shastra and detailed instructions to conduct a sadhana or ritual daily worship. It was compiled by the erudite Sri Lakshmana Desikendra who lived at of Nasik, Bharat around 800AD. The name Sarada Tilaka is extremely auspicious are means the tilakaṁ (forehead mark, benediction) of Sri Sharada Sarasvati.
The book is arranged in 25 chapters and covers topics like Tantra Svarūpa, Tantrik Prakriya, Mantrotpatti, Yogavidyā and includes worship of gods and goddesses, like Bhuvaneśvarī, Tvarita, Durga, Bhairavi, Gāyatrī, Ganapati, Surya, Visnu, Nṛsiṁha, Puruṣottama, Śiva, Dakṣiṇāmūrti, Aghora. A few chapters relate to Yoga, Kuṇḍalinī, Bhūta-śuddhi, Prāṇāyama. The book has a reference list of very ancient Sanskrit classic works, some known and others unknown. The teachings include vidyā like gaṇita (mathematics), jyotiṣa as well as ayurveda, Veda, darśana, chhandas, and authorities like pañca rātra etc. The text is collated from five manuscripts.

शारदा तिलकं Śāradā Tilakaṁ | Sanskrit – Hindi
Sharada Tilaka Vol.I
Sharada Tilaka Vol.II
शारदा तिलकं Śāradā Tilakaṁ | English
Sarada Tilaka Tantra Part 1- Arthur Avalon
Sharada Tilak Tantra Part 2 – Arthur Avalon

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