Mantra Śāstra Program


Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center announced the program named “Mantra Śāstra Program” (MSP) that was taught both online through webinars and through contact classes in the Himalayas over a period of one year. It has already been taught twice at the Tara Mountains of Serbia and the Himalayas of India

The objective was to attain a thorough working knowing of the Science of Sound as taught in the Sanskrit classic – शारदा तिलकं (Śāradā Tilakaṁ). This is of immense help to attain higher levels of knowledge of Mantra Śāstra and its application in Vedic Remedies

The Mantra Śāstra course was taught in the tradition of Puri, India and includes learning the various tools and processes that go into the formation and working of mantra as used in Vedic remedies. Sādhanā (penance) is a compulsory part of the course and will include the worship of various Vedic deities including Gaṇeśa, Guru, Śiva, Sūrya, Viṣṇu and/or Devī.

The online course always starts on Makara Saṅkrānti [previously on Tuesday Jan 15, 2019].

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