Join MSP-I

This fee covers tuition and web access costs for all courses associated with MSP-I for one year. It does not cover your stay, travel, puja and other incidentals associated with hotels, temples and travel means. Course Fees, once paid, are not refundable either in part or full after 30 days of admission.
Early Bird (Jan 14, 2023)
If you have arrived before the 14 Jan 2023, then go ahead and choose the early bird priced at $1008 [₹70,000]. If you are already a DBC student in another course, then you can avail of the subsidy. Go ahead and choose that.
Thank You for flying in time!

Pay Full Course Fees
The course fee for the first year of Mantra Śāstra Program MSP-1 is $1252 [₹70,000] to be paid in before January 2019 or at the time of joining the course, whichever is earlier.
Subscribe for MSP-1
Alternatively, subscribe for the Mantra Shastra Program at a nominally higher cost $207 x 6 months. Careful – you get five reminders for missed payments then the account is deleted. You have to restart unless you inform the Upadhaya

For those in any DBC course, you can avail of a 50% subsidy to offset any financial hardship. God knows what we all endure in this bhu loka. Its a $564 one-time payment. You can buy this and inform the Upadhyaya the DBC course you are already enrolled in.

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